Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Hibernation and the Post-Christmas Blahs

Hello friends! I didn't intend to take so much time off from blogging, but you know what they say about good intentions. It has been over a month since my last post, but up until very recently, I have felt like I've been existing in survival mode.

The days and weeks after Christmas ends feel frantic and stressful for me. All the fun is over, my kids are over-stimulated and won't sleep, and my house is turned upside down.  It's been dark and cold, slow at work so I'm strapped for cash, and I've been surviving on coffee and semi-sweet chocolate morsels. I didn't even get my tree and other decorations down until the third week of January, and I still have a bag of glittery bits and baubles in a Wal-mart bag on my kitchen table, waiting to be put away in the shed (We also lost the keys to our shed and had to smash the door knob to break in. Where did we find the keys? Yeah, inside said shed.).


I knew I had a long list of goals and projects I'd like to tackle this year, but I couldn't make myself get it together. All I had on my mind was the minutiae and the day-to-to struggle and my Netflix queue. How is my spirited three-year-old coping at her new daycare? Am I on budget this week? Where are all my black leggings that don't have holes between the legs, and why are there so many muffin crumbs in my couch? 

But January is almost over, and I can feel my mojo coming back, trickling in like the precious extra minutes of sunlight we're getting at the end of every day. I've gotten to spend much needed one-on-one quality time with allllll the important people in my life, even my high school best friend who lives on another hemisphere now. I'm not busy in the salon, but that means I've been able to take care of coughing babies and actually read whole, entire books. And I'm doing projects! 

At Christmas, I finally got the power tools I've been wanting for years, and I did my first ever build this week! I am working on a post about it that will be up as soon as it's all done, but here is a sneak peek at our living room and the TV niche. I built a custom floating shelf for the TV so we have no more dangling cords or electronic boxes jamming up the walkway. All that's left is caulk and paint! 

Now that these winter doldrums are packing their bags, I'll be sharing all kinds of fun stuff. New lighting and window treatments, a couple bathroom updates, and more! I have a new series I'll be adding to in the next couple weeks as I help my bestie redesign and update her home. PLUS! My thirtieth birthday is NEXT MONTH, and I am PUMPED! My best friends from college are already planning my (semi) surprise party, and I can only make guesses about the theme, but I think it's going to be totally, like, all that and a bag of chips! 

Thank you for sticking with me during my impromptu winter hibernation. It's only going to get sunnier from here! 

How do you deal with the gloomy winter months? Is your couch full of muffin crumbs too?

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